Learning Business Leadership Lessons From The Superheroes

Learn from Superheroes for founders, leaders, whoever. Good post I came across recently, fun and viable so it does make sense to share it here.

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Your favorite superhero has the power to save your business too. It’s time for the business owners to take lessons from superheroes, and implement them in order to achieve success.

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

A great, visual, and smart post compiling accurate pieces of advice for anybody out there but also entrepreneurs.

Not everybody is a ninja or guru or whatever sexy name will come in the future but everybody has strenghts and weaknesses.

Identifying them, acknowledging them and working with or around them is key to make the most out of everyday.

So, are you a Wolverine ?

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Seven dirty, gritty, real startup lessons that cost me $2 million

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As CEO and founder of a company that makes an app that helps people apply to jobs from their mobile phones, I am happy to report that we’ve sucked a lot since launching in 2009. […]

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

Finally – or not that much but well – a very good "I suck" article. No bullsh!t talk here but facts and a great guide of what not to do … and, by inversion, what to actually do when founding a startup.

Go out and get sh!t done! … to summarize.


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Startup Scenes Across Asia: 11 Of Asia’s Top Tech Cities

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Asia is very young and fresh in terms of tech, so the continent is just getting started. In fact, economically, Asia’s only really had its growth spurt in…

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

Glad to have stumbled upon this article about the Asian tech scene.

This allows me to shed some light on the "entrepreneurship in the word" in one page, 11 cities and a great overview of Asia … which is one of my regions of choice (with Eastern Europe) looking at the dinamics and the drive people have when it comes to startups.

With Hong Kong at the forefront, look forward to the developments to come there.

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Fake it ‘til you make it – 10 of the most dangerous pieces of startup advice

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Adam Fletcher, owner of the Hipstery, shares his views on some of the worst startup advice out there and also lets us in on the ultimate secret to founding a successful startup.

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

Love that piece! So much truth in it, so much fun in it too!

The "Rockstar" "Adam Fletcher, owner of the Hipstery, debunks some common startup sayings and clichés. No more pivot, passion or Startup Ninjas…" [Quote]

The intro says it all. And what est than a hipster hitting startup punks… ?

Fun – and serious, still.

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San Francisco’s Real Start-up Secret Sauce

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Everywhere from New York City to Omaha would like to be the next tech start-up capital. Here’s what actually makes Silicon Valley and San Francisco hotbeds of tech start-up activity.

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

A shared secret sauce in fact. That is so true though and that is the exact reflection of the thoughts of a "newbie" to the Valley and SF I recently spoke to.

This place is packed with entrepreneurs and the secret is there is no secrecy. That is also why there can not be many copies of a place like this in the world. Just in Europe secrecy and NDAs are the entrepreneurs’ priorities… .

Anyway, a very good look into what makes the Valley special and what the missing ingredients are for all the others.


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The Happiness Equation — What I Learned Building…

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Is there even such a thing? Can we really attempt to define an actionable formula for what makes us happy as human beings?

It’s a difficult…

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

#Happiness is a startup to build in some way. It may also drive to actually build a #startup.

This article by Will Weinraub is a wonderful piece of advice, not only for #entrepreneurs, on both the professional and personal sides of life.

A good read and an even better target : be happy!

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