10 great places to be inspired by innovation

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America’s success has been fed by its innovators and inventors. These sites can lift the spirit.

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Well, places in the U.S. but a nice wee addition to my recent bit on #innovation ("Innovation in the hoods") on Thisissamstown.com

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The startup bubble hasn’t burst

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Startups are growing up and beginning to mature, but the bubble hasn’t burst. The nature of the game has changed.

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Indeed. It is even still growing, in new fields, new geos, but still growing.

Now I can but agree with Laurie Segall here as she also makes the point that startups are now increasingly turning to products for businesses and not necessarily consumers.

Startups are companies. As such they need to make money. And corporate consumers are the ones who can pay (at least more quickly and more willingly than individuals who tend to look for freemium).


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How to breed big innovation inside a small business – on Washington Post

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To add to the innovation bit. Quite the fit for startups. How to breed big innovation inside a small business Washington Post (blog) You can improve your customer experience in a multitude of ways, but the best innovation delivers value to the market as soon as humanly possible.
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365 Days, $10 Million, 3 Rounds, 2 Companies, All With 5 Magic Slides | TechCrunch

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Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Socialcast founder Timothy Young about how he raised 3 rounds totaling $10M in VC money in a year’s time with a 5-slide deck.

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

This post by Tim Young is a late discovery of mine but how right is he!

Any founder out there should draw inspiration out of this very well bit brief.

I am also glad to see two of my favorite bits emphasized here :

Keep it short !

Speak to people ! (.. and look at them, of course).

A post, worth the read.

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Japanese startups struggle in a hostile environment – Fortune Tech

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One of the world’s most advanced economies is not very hospitable to technology startups.
By Michael Fitzpatrick, contributor

FORTUNE — Anyone looking for Japan’s legendary garage entrepreneurs should not start in the garage.

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A first look into Japan prior to furthering the topic and defining the key specifics of this country.

It does seem that the startup ecosystem, even if not vibrant, is growing anyway with more and more youngsters buying in and not willing to follow the traditional employee path.

Entrepreneurs meetings are developing, serial entrepreneurs tend to come and help develop the spirit .. and the companies.

I am going to look into it in details.

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Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin on the Myths of Entrepreneurship

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The Indiegogo co-founder says anyone can be an entrepreneur and no project is too small. And, yes, it’s entirely possible that one day your mom might…

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Easy advice yet so valid advice. Basics are always right but so easy to forget.


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