Work hard, play harder, work even harder - on

Work Hard, Play Harder, Work Even Harder

Work hard, play harder, work even harder - on

“Work hard, play hard” … and beyond. Some words I have made mine in a slightly updated way.

Work hard, play harder, work even harder!

No bullshit. Living and working in a personally organised way but being held accountable for everything. This does translate in working remotely but getting things done. Working without a 9 to 5 schedule but still delivering and more.

Being free. But free to work and deliver.

Freelance by @SPGroupLtd

Going Freelance

Freelance by @SPGroupLtd

After years of providing internal and external consulting, to colleagues, customers, business partners and startups, I am setting up shop and offering to assist with marketing, business development and digital management.

Needing to review your brand’s presence on social media, develop a strategy ? Or looking at additional resources for content creation, copywriting or just managing the tools and presence. Translation (English/French) is also available.

Wanting to get in touch with customers and have real discussion ?

Feel free to get in touch for a chat & a quote : @sampavin / @SPGroupLtd or via email samuelpavingroupltd [at] gmail [dot] com