Social Media for Business: Avoid the Dark Side of the Hype

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Teens are on Snapchat. Facebook is dead – but records 1.55 billion users. Pinterest was and is the new visual thing while Instagram is in the top 3.

In a few sentences, that is the logic of social media summed up.

It is a strange, ever-changing world of magic and fantasy where trolls cross path with gurus and ninjas.

As businesses are making their way towards digital and social media adoption, they also face the dark side of this force to be reckoned with.

Every business can easily create a Facebook page, a Twitter account or any other presence on one – or many – of the numerous networks available. Yet, social presence, especially for businesses, has to be handled like the business itself.

Social media require strategy

A business plan is a mandatory path to starting a business and following a defined line. Strategy and planning is similarly needed for social media. Here are some of the basics to keep in mind when getting started:

  • Audit your brand, message, audience and competition. Define where you stand, what the voice of your business is and who – and where – your audience is.
  • Define the main – most relevant – media to use to listen, reach out and engage with your audience. Nobody can be everywhere and do everything. Select the top 3-4 relevant networks and focus on these. Add some others, if relevant, once the foundations have been set.
  • Create a playbook. Every network has its own parameters and special features. Prepare materials and documentation for all of them. Starting with profiles. Even if the profiles have to be consistent, the size of pictures will differ and so will banners (where some may be leveraged for added communication) and the number of characters allowed in each bio. Get some templates ready for posts and pictures as well.
  • Plan. Planning is the crucial part. Put together an editorial calendar and global repository (if many team members are involved) for content. Create and curate content relevant to your market and industry, stay on top of trends to feed your content machine and plan the posting.
  • Be human. No need to be a robot. No need to wear a positivity mask (I would call your bullshit). Just ensure having human beings behind the tools. Acting like humans.

There is plenty more to say but follow these pieces of advice and you should, at least, be off to a good (educated) start.

Then, I am only a tweet or email away – and a human ;)

Freelance by @SPGroupLtd

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Freelance by @SPGroupLtd

After years of providing internal and external consulting, to colleagues, customers, business partners and startups, I am setting up shop and offering to assist with marketing, business development and digital management.

Needing to review your brand’s presence on social media, develop a strategy ? Or looking at additional resources for content creation, copywriting or just managing the tools and presence. Translation (English/French) is also available.

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Social Media FOMO and Politics in Business

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Social Media, social networks and the overall new social behaviours.
Old stuff for some and look into the future for others.
When youth knows but does not
A scary discovery, even in top schools and marketing courses, people know about social media, have accounts but mostly no clue about the actual use of them in the “real” world.
Think looking for work through LinkedIn or Twitter, corporate use of Twitter, etc … .
When Twitter is mainly about sending a LOL to some random TV show, then social media marketing may definitely be at risk when these people hit the real world of day work.
And so do corporations
Another step into the future for corporations. From old-fashioned companies to old-fashioned companies with a Facebook profile.
With the loads of tweets, blog posts and various press articles sent about the need for every business to have social media presence, the idea has made its way into corporations as well.
A late(ish) move but still a progress.
For the best or worst … .
Corporate FOMO
FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) is one of these new first world “diseases” that as spread in a time when everybody wants to the The Man (gender neutral meaning here).
Breaking the news, tweeting ASAP, catching up with the high and mighty, etc … .
This behaviour has also made its way in the corporate world.
In this very world where politics are part of the daily deal, the corporate FOMO has grown to the next level.
The “social media” criteria sit in a few words : knowing Twitter & having an account.
Bottom line, no strategic vision, no understanding of the actual DOs and DON’Ts of social networks and social media marketing strategy.
This does lead to random, “shopping-list tweeting”, using dedicated channels for every single kind of message and just going for the digital pat on the back by virtually touching influencers or just the golden goats of the corporate charts.
Stopping the BS and getting things right
Marketing and communications have always been jobs with best practices and rules.
Social media marketing is the same. And even more.
Due to the huge amount of tools and channels available, the extended reach and the ability of clients to interact in real time, social media are to be handled seriously and a strategy put in place (starting with defining the voice and message).
It can not be the playground of marketers aiming at greatness – rising above the corporate non social media users … – nor a tool seen as the megaphone of all random messages.
That would then not be any different than standing on a cardboard box, in the middle of a street and shouting words of apocalypse … . Note that even crazy guys doing so are still better since they have this one topic and message.
In the end, social media for businesses is indeed necessary nowadays. Just reminder it is nothing funny – rather a powerful tool for developing a brand – and has to be handled in the right way : smart and serious.

(Article originally published on my personal blog, This Is Sam’s Blog :