A great email subject line ?

I received an email today. One of many (many, many, many … ).
And while waiting for Mailbox to finally get to me with their Mac application, I had to resort to the old way of handling emails. Which means trying to cut through the noise and open the relevant ones.

One stood out though. One of numerous emails from the Web Summit, in the wake of their upcoming event.
However, since I am not a speaker there, nor invited, I will not make it to this edition. So emails tend to just fall under the spam category, by default.
This one email had this subject line : Cats.

Cats ? yes indeed. And before you ask, this had nothing to do with the actual content of the note.
Still, even if I am not a crazy lover of furry felines, this actual subject line got me curious and I did end up opening this email.

Shame on me ? Maybe but that is also a lesson. Just one word proved enough here to make me react. At least make me curious.

Be disruptive – and not necessarily provocative – in your email subject line.

(Image credit : Deviantart / Pendragon1966)