This was initially my village square where I would talk about Tech, Entrepreneurship / Startups, and the people behind them. With life and “things” evolving, I decided to reinforce my focus on tech in general, from gadgets to enterprise tech (data, AI, etc.).

For all things business – and brand strategy – come visit samuelpavin.com!

  • Who is Sam ?

Samuel Pavin (@sampavin)

Born and raised in France, very far away from entrepreneurship in the first place. I worked in France and abroad in various industries and environments. Passionate about novelty and learning, I have a knack for technology and its many uses while loving to spend time and interact on social media.

I have been an “intrapreneur”, building and leading the startup program (“Global Entrepreneur“) for IBM, in France, an entrepreneur and, overall, a traveller (in life and business).

I am currently a freelance consultant working on brand strategy. A notion related to business development, marketing and social media. My missions: advising on plans and strategy and the actual execution of those.

Find out more on samuelpavin.com

I am also copywriter and translator (English and French).

For contact details, refer to the “Contact” page.


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