Back from i7 summit – entrepreneurship with flavor

i7 Summit, “A Global Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Society“.

Those are the opening words on the website.

After a sad miss last year, I finally got to attend this 3-days event, held in Chantilly (North of Paris), at a “chateau”.

A conference with some style, headed by Jean-Bernard Guerrée.

Well, style though is in the amazing list of speakers and startups invited there and put together by Jean-Bernard.

Hat off to him and the team – special high five to the nicest of all, Gigi Wang – as this conference does boast not only international speakers and startups (mind you, this pitching “lesson” given by Thuuz’ Bill Bradford. Energy, positivity, emotion, light slide ware, well, efficiency at its best) but wonderful people too (great minds, crazy guys, etc …) all blending in a friendly – say networking-friendly too – environment which, from my experience, remains unseen in France.

Actually, this conference does have a flavor which I would call, “a piece of the Valley”.

My personal preference does certainly play a role here as I could not be happier, being surrounded by English-speaking entrepreneurs, investors and so on. But looking back at recent events I got to attend, held under the golden roofs of the Paris Town hall, those did not really had whet it takes to get me off my seat.

Different minds, different opinions … .

When Tim Draper speaks about shaking things, about changing the world, about failing and failing and failing and failing again until we succeed then my Parisian pals (or so) would rather go for “making money”, “trying to reach x contracts” and, definitely, not failing at all. Or that would mean them out of the entrepreneurial world.

There truly is no way to easily summarize (especially if willing to keep it short) the huge amount of information, recommendations, advice, experience retrieved from this day.

That is truly the type of events French startups would draw a huge amount of benefit from. Where else do you see proper pitching, can get feedback from Valley residents and get to chat with VCs from Japan, USA and Europe all in the same place ?

Mind you, readers, Lithuania will hold a “Silicon Valley comes to the Baltics” event next month (mid-November). That is the spirit!

Know what ? Those guys I met, I should find half of them there.

Lithuania sure has some way to go but they have clear foundations. Build on those with Valley spirit and that may be tomorrow’s best hub for startups in Europe.

A conclusion. French startups still are great, the surroundings are too but, well, guys, put some flavor in your entrepreneurship!


Please feel free to let me know what you think

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