Learn, Link and Lead with startups to succeed …

That is indeed the name of the webcast due to be held by the IBM Global Entrepreneur team tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11th, 10.30 am, Eastern to 12.00 pm.

Learn, Link & Lead with IBM Global Entrepreneur

So what is it about ?

Well a hour and a half of insight into what the IBM Global Entrepreneur initiative is and what resources it has to offer. A keynote speech, a panel of entrepreneurs, investors, etc… and a live interactive chat (via Twitter) for whoever wishes to actually raise questions.

The panel will welcome the following :

– Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Mass Innovation Nights (moderator)
– Jack Danahy, Director IBM Advanced Security
– Susan Hertzberg, President & CEO Boston Heart Diagnostics
– Chris Lynch – Partner Atlas Ventures
– Ashifi Gogo, CEO Sproxil (2010 IBM SmartCamp Boston Winner)

Interested in hearing more ? Tune in at : ibm.biz/Bdxqat

Also, the Global Entrepreneur Twitter account : @ibmGE.

As they say, “Take your business to the next level” !


Please feel free to let me know what you think

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