Baby Boomers Taking More Risks Than Gen Y, Study Shows

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In 1975, a 20-year-old Steve Jobs and his engineering buddy Steve Wozniak began working on the prototype of the Apple 1 computer in Jobs’ parents’ garage. Nearly 30 years later, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his dorm room at Harvard College.

Samuel Pavin‘s insight:

More entrepreneurs, less risks ?

That might be true.

Web companies do represent a huge amount of startups but what about the actual risk of starting a website ?

Been there, done that already – crappy result I must admit – but the risk involved was nowhere near risky.

That is an easy view here though.

Anyway, having had the chance to visit various universities and business schools taking pride in entrepreneurship courses and so on, I could but think that these entrepreneurs-to-be tend to have the mindset of employees and not that of crazy, innovative, driven guys.

Startup is a job…


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