The kingmaker for lame startups ?

Startup as featured in

It is Friday !

Nothing special but the fact that in most of Europe weekend is upon millions of over-worked employees who should soon head out to enjoy a well-deserved pint, rest, party, weekend job or whatever else.

Well then, entrepreneurs and startups knowing no Fridays, nor weekends, nor vacation time, nor what sleep might actually be, they are and will be up and working. Possibly … .

This post then comes in between. Bit of serious content, lots of tired thinking and this funny discovery thanks to a certain @edmundas4 of my pals.

Lame startups, petty entrepreneurs, rock-stars in the building (forever) and all of you looking for the glittering stripes of success, rejoice !

Fame is key. Buzz is key. Fans are key. Recognition and legitimacy is indeed key for a startup and its founders.

Now, two options to achieve that :

– Work hard, be smart, network, get yourself, your product and your startup acknowledged for quality, innovation, etc … and reach your goal (and beyond).

– Second option; well, just cheat! Less work, not too much of a pain to achieve and results might be there. I had the chance to catch a glimpse of that kind of fake fans/followers scheme recently used (uncovered might be the word) by some guys on the French startup scene and it does not seem to deliver while making people look truly stupid (to say the least) once discovered.

There is a third option now. The very one way to pimp a shabby startup into the next golden child of the Valley by making it legitimate to the eyes of the world.

Let’s look classy and be featured in all those kingmakers of publications; let’s look like having been honored by posts in TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Wired and so many more.

Let’s just play with “The Startup Legitimizer”.

That website is the bit which has definitely made my day today.

How cool is that ? Cheaters out there, cheat with style !

At the same time, the serious bit hiding behind the good looks is the fact that these publications I mentioned (and the many others I left aside for the sake of my laziness) are indeed a force to be reckoned when it comes to startups.

Maybe not kingmakers – a single post on TechCrunch might not be enough – but still enough to give credit and legitimacy (on top of visibility) to a startup.

Well then, back to option #1, work hard and get your cool startup and product running. No cheating but a featuring on those publications might come soon enough anyway.

From experience, these people, well, are people, can be reached and are startup-friendly basically. So any good-looking startup is worth getting attention from them. Any sh**ty one will get the stick though. Fair balance.

Now, the closing question is : Do you want your cool new startup to appear reliable and super legit ? (

Or do you want your cool new startup to BE reliable and super legit ? (Work, fail and succeed !)

A short closing note from the editor (me indeed), this post has never been featured on TechCrunch, TNW, BuzzFeed, Forbes, Wired or any of their counterparts … . Too bad for the editor I should say :)


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