1500 startups – 1000 START-UPs and beyond

Growth is key. And in the startups world too.

500 Startups in the first place and now the announcement, in France, of 1000 Start-Ups.


A startup incubator project, due in 2016, in Paris, aiming at hosting a thousand startups.

The biggest startup incubator in the world.

No wonder now, there is a current push on startups in France.

Yet, there remains to be seen how this space will fit into the current blend of incubators/accelerators – the “Silicon Sentier” population.

The space does look gorgeous … and cool.

However the numbers (30,000 square meters, 1000 startups) sound impressive and that is a huge space to fill.

Looking at the website offering an English version, I would assume that the “filling” may not come from France but rather the space could be targeting foreign startups willing to develop in one of Europe’s capitals.

The end of it remains to be seen but hats off to France and the people behind this project for putting it together.

Now, on to make it work and succeed.

And as growth is key, am wanting 1,500 startups … .


Please feel free to let me know what you think

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