Mentoring = ass-kicking

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“I am a mentor”.

A few words to be read on CVs or biographies; to be heard in the mouths of people at startup events;

Being a mentor does apparently sound like an achievement in a career nowadays.

Driving various kinds of people to become “mentors”.

However, the very foundations of mentoring and being a mentor are the ability to listen, understand and advise.

Let’s not lose the focus of what really matters : helping the mentoree settle down, progress and (hopefully) succeed.

I like to read this in an easy way : Mentoring = kicking someone’s ass.

Out of habits

Out of comfort zone

Out of mistakes

And whenever startups (mentorees in general) are on the right track, keep kicking them ahead of the crowd towards success.

Now being called a mentor does not mean being able to be one.

On to the next step, let the startups provide feedback and whenever needed, kick the so-called mentors out of the way.

Mentoring & ass-kicking








So that mentoring can definitely kick ass!

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