What of being the best ?

Goals and achievements

A short post on being the best. People want to be at the top, companies want to hire the best of the bests. Oh chosen one, you are the new fashion.

A lot of work left for me to get there. But, maybe that is not a bad thing as long as I keep working towards this goal.

I meet people having achieved lots and considered the best at what they do. They are, until I meet someone better than them.

Whatever the level of expertise, a person is the best as long as he/she does keep moving forward and working on improving.

The best people are the one never considering the fact that they are the best but still seeing the gaps in their skills, the never-ending road to expertise, in a few words, the challenges ahead and take them on with a smile.

In the wise words of a tattoo artist friend : “If you seriously think you’ve mastered your art, you’re as good as dead. I keep learning everyday and will, for sure, never be the best. Because there will always be room for improvement and new stuff to learn”.

And, in my regards, after you reach a mountain’s summit, once the magical moment falters, only one thing is left, going down to the bottom.

So what of being the best ?

Just strive to improve. To be better everyday.

That is how you truly are the best.


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