Cool and social startup events, a dream or reality ?

Be social. Real social. Not on social networks, not through media but in person.

This is the new challenge of social. Too many computer friends, too few real-life contacts.

This little shout out draws its origin in my attending some startup events in France. Once again (see “The kid startup … “)

Where the young, cool, smart and nice entrepreneurs … just do not speak to people.

The repeating scheme is easy. Come with friends, chat with friends and introduce your friends or get introduced to some friend’s contacts.

With one major take, people are looking like going out in the wild and having a chat with whoever they come across sounds like the worst possible idea.

Networking should not have to be (actually poorly) organized. It should be natural.

But for now, meeting people and having cool and worthy chats rather happens abroad.

So this is a call, not only to the France – but also the Europe – of startups.

Openness makes a difference. Be (really) open, chat, share; make a difference and make startup events (really) cool!


Please feel free to let me know what you think

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