I am not writing because I am busy writing

Goals and achievements

Time management and workload management. Overused buzzwords somehow but words which do not ring enough of a bell when people use – or just write – them. Managing time and workload, in other words priorities, has become key to being able to deliver both at work and in personal life. And this is the point of this post which I had not written before since I was busy writing … .

I am drowning!

That is somehow one of the most used sentences in the corporate world. With the “I have no bandwidth” motto.

Lol to that. Well tragically enough this has become some sort of norm. People are drowning so they can not answer requests. Especially as they need answers from people who are also drowning and who need answers too from people having drowned … .

Let me get my inflatable rubber duck out first and check this inability to work.

Startups versus the World.

Yes startups are cool so they are better for sure. Provocation aside, a job offer I saw (from a startup), for a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) position, did trigger this reflection.

CMOs – or people with random titles doing marketing as part of their day – actually end up doing half a dozen “normal” jobs. This job offer I read mentioned marketing indeed but also social media (e.g. community management) and content creation, still a given for a proper marketing job, but also having enough technical knowledge of the product to be able not only to market but also sell it. Oh and selling/business development being part of the role too. Plus a few added tasks.

(On a very personal note that is what I really call marketing. Being at the very center of the company, knowing every piece of information out there and being able to deliver it to any audience)

These startups “CMOs” have more than one job but they share another similarity, they are not drowning … .

Stop whining, start working!

Quoting my own self here – and certainly thousands of people out there.

But complaining usually serves only one purpose : wasting time. As well as not planning well nor focusing enough.

And that is the story of me not writing since I was busy writing. Like these CMOs I mentioned, I have various jobs in one and a few other activities as well. I recently took up an offer to write articles for a sports site. Because a writer needs to write. And because a day is not only 8 hours.

However, as much as I like writing (and that might be the issue), I did not make plans to write posts for this very blog or sports article. In the end, I got busy writing about sports and not completing my articles for my own blog. Not because of a lack of inspiration or will but just out of a lack of organization.

Stick to a plan.

And fix your day.

I came day to planning times to write for one platform and times to write for the other. On top of being a bit more organized – even if writing at anytime sure is permitted – it does force me to keep focused over a short period of time and ensure I complete a full post during that time. Hence leaving aside distraction and other ideas (which I just write down on the side for later) or any question arising about whichever blog or site I am writing for.

In a few words, just plan. Even if just to clear your mind, plan.

That makes a good lifeline for people used to drowning too.

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