Samuel Pavin, nominated for the Inc 5000 Europe

Inc 5000, an exclusive list of Europe’s fastest growing companies. How nice it is to get an email from Mansueto Ventures informing me of this nomination for this exclusive list. 

An official announcement

I quote the terms of the note : 

“You have demonstrated that you have the boldness, courage, and intelligence to do what few others can do. You lead a fast-growing entrepreneurial private company in Europe. 
Our research indicates that is not only one of the fastest growing companies in France, but is one of the fastest growing in all of Europe.”

Honored to be honored, I still could not really see the end of it. 

You are nominated. Please apply! 

Ah, this thing tends to make more sense all of a sudden. 
A standard call for all companies to apply for this list. A form to fill and a fee to pay. 
That does make even more sense. Even if not on par with Red Herring’s scam-like “recognition”  this actual nomination still sounds like “we, experts, think you have what it takes, do apply and pay for a year subscription to our publication … oh, and get an opportunity to maybe, possibly, be featured among the likes of “Microsoft, Oracle, Timberland, etc.”. 

Is Samuel Pavin that major in Europe

If Inc research says so, it must be true. Yet, looking at the basic standard conditions for applying it does appear that some conditions have to be met. Including showing some serious enough revenue. 
My own, quick research, does easily show that I sadly can not match this requirement … yet (remember, “one of the fastest growing companies in France” …). Good joke aside, I would assume that the email list provider must not be involved in the research here. 

So major, a fee is nothing

Mark their words, you all eligible companies out there : 

We believe you will easily qualify for the Inc. 5000 Europe, but you must apply to be considered. There is a moderate application fee. Being listed on the Inc. 5000 Europe is worth far more than this fee.”

Hence, every single – eligible; that you all are apparently – company should go ahead. What is a fee worth compared to the chance offered ? 
Even I can be listed on the Inc. 5000 Europe. How cool is that ? 

Time to polish my things then … . Or, well, just maybe write a wee blog post with a laugh and get back to getting stuff done in my fast growing wee company. 


Please feel free to let me know what you think

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