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Making IT great again


Yes we can! Make IT (Information Technology, Duh!) great again. While borrowing some catchphrases to make this Sunday post a little more appealing, I am staring at my screen thinking that, yes, IT infrastructure is definitely not the sexiest of themes.

Yet, once again I have been proven wrong. In recent news, coming from the land of the rising sun – Japan – IT infrastructure may become appealing again. In order to generate or increase interest in this matter, our Japanese friends have found a new way to get students to focus on their textbooks rather than their manga.

Enter the “Systers”, a group of fairies living in IT devices. These cute anime girls are actually part of a project aiming at generating interest from students for the less “sexy” topics of technology such as building computer networks (the subject of the first volume).

And, would you believe it, it works! :)

Well then, Japan seem to have found the solution to fix failing education systems.

Let’s Learn with Anthropomorphisms! The name of the series and quite a fitting rallying call too.

Making IT great again ;)



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