Google glass, a journey through the “Glass” World

Google Glass

Once upon a time I finally got my own Google Glass.
After days and weeks of reading through reports given by the very first lucky “customers” – e.g. the chosen ones on a mission to use “G-Glass” and shout their thoughts to the World – I did get my own one delivered.
Excitement on! That is Christmas in May.

So what ? At first, the thought of adding Glass to glass (being a wearer of real glasses and having been so for as long as I remember) is not that comfortable.
But then the thought of adding a crazy piece of technology to this mix of glass and plastic (plus the adrenaline still pumping) gets the job of overcoming any contra to only keep the pros.
Day 1, Hour 1, minute 1 of my Google Glass journey. Ready, set, switch on!
And a new world opens up. Almost unnoticed. Oh yes, the “screen”, this inches by inches square finds itself above the eye.
A good point to answer my initial concern about getting technology-stained glasses. Dust on glasses is enough of a pain not to have my whole mailing list impairing my view.
Fair enough here, concern number one is no more.

Step two. looking up at my wee screen it does appear the carpet, down at my feet, does not actually connect with the Glass. Walking around, watching my stuff with a certain sense of security (as, for once, I am not bent on a smartphone, focusing only on the screen and not the World around) I suddenly go back to roots while stumbling upon said carpet for a near-miss fall.
Indeed, looking up means I am not looking down; hence I would maybe rather sit and stand still; or just remember that, well, I might sometimes switch from virtual (screen) to real (feet & surroundings).

With my third option being training. I certainly can get my right eye to look up while the left one would cover my steps.

Now on to the best bit of the Google Glass. I can take a picture of what I am actually watching, no hands involved thanks to voice control, and this part does actually answers one of my long-lasting frustrations of always missing the capacity to take a picture of a special place or moment while randomly walking around.
Now Google Glass does fulfill my dream.
Let us then speak and shout about taking a picture and sharing it. That is so “übercool” that I now feel like glasses have been the best tool invented ever.
And I am not removing the G-Glass ever … .

Shall I mention this rockstar feeling when walking the streets with glasses – and Glass – on, drawing all kind of curious, tech-savvy, random people. They want to know everything.
How it works, how it feels, how to get them, when to get them and, above all, try them on too. Nevermind the fact that those people want my glasses more than they will ever care about the human me, having a crowd queuing for me is just enough fun added to the use of G-Glass to picture and share it.

So, I love Glass, I eat & drink Glass, I tweet Glass … I live with Glass all day and almost night long.
Whatever the voices in the background, the individuals not appealed by Google Glass, the people not liking it as a technology, etc … Let the haters hate.

And so is life with Glass.

That is until a recent buzz on the Web. When a fellow “follower of the Glass” appears on the Internet showering with Google Glass on.
All of sudden my eyes burned and my brain broke.

In the end, I have come to become some kind of sorely brain-washed addict to Glass. I find myself having eyes looking apart , speaking loud to my glasses in public places, living with technology rather than people, filling my tweet list with only Glass-related bits and just looking like the average freak to the population.
I have become a Google-Glass-addicted screwed-up person.
And now the perfect early adopter for Google’s next product : #Google_Rehab anyone ?

End of the nightmare.  Google Rehab

Oh yes, this post is indeed a small, very poorly written piece of fiction on my dream(ed) test of Google Glass which I did never get from Google and shall indeed never get.

I just tried, in the first place, to look at what usages it would bring and I could see the developments of the actual use of it by the real early-adopters (or receivers of Glass should I say) over the course of the past weeks.
Hence not finding this piece of technology that convincing apart from for very specific – and professional – use. A fair look into this matter (lovers and haters) by Glass users to be found on the BBC website.
I am far more interested, when it comes to connected objects, in the iWatch or the Google Watch which do tend to make more sense, bear a lot more opportunities in them, and which I will be glad to get and beta-test this time.

A last point on Google Glass, not on the actual product itself but on the new usages born out of technology. From a social point of view, I hate the part where this product is voice-controlled.
Mobile phones have brought an awful lot of noise and lack of politeness to the public space already and Google Glass would definitely go further on this path. And that is no innovation at all.

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