Social media tools for blogging … or not


Social media and networks are one of the biggest revolutions having happened in business over the past years or decade. With the birth of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and … WordPress, our digital world has changed a lot and our real life has taken the same blow.

Who does not have at least a couple of social media accounts ? If not dozens (I must admit).

With those tools has come the time of Me. I showcase my own self on Facebook, tweet about me and my life which I advertise visually on Instagram and Vine (or Instagram video now) and I summarize it all, using all my writing power on my – one or more – blog.

Quick snap of life 2.0. When it comes to businesses, the trend is the same even if Twitter and co are still in adoption process.

Arise App store

We had these tools. Still have them. But a major evolution took place with the app store (and its Google Play rival) and the smartphones becoming the common tool for anybody out there.

Apps also mean a lot of various tools working for, with, around social media.

So, when it comes to the blogging part I initially mentioned, posting on WordPress means that the post may be tweeted, posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc…, curated on with its featured image pinned on Pinterest and so on.

A multiplication of the reach.

But even prior to that, tools like a Pocket (formerly Read me later), Evernote, Google Reader (R.I.P), etc … play a major role in gathering content and topics for articles to come.

And I am not mentioning more technical tools/plugins destined to improve ranking, SEO, etc … .

Shed the tools and get sh!t done!

On to my point. Just off from a TNW Academy session with John Saddington, yesterday, I have retained one major point : “hit the “publish” button”.

Indeed, I am using a fair amount of tools in my blogging process, before, during and after – and I am not even close to some more professional friends. But while I do use all this stuff and try to make my content better and my posts longer and smarter and whatever else, I am not publishing.

I am even struggling at being done with the writing. I almost have no drafts pending.

That is worse, in fact, I have plenty of notes in Evernote, material in Pocket and Dragdis, even bits on a waiter’s pad (…) but these do not make blog posts.

Blog posts are what this post is. A completed, published one.

Be it not perfect, long enough, documented enough but at least making sense, making a point and as we often advise startups, better a released Most Viable Product than a perfect one never reaching the market.

Agreeing or disagreeing to that ? Let me know your thoughts.

[Image owner lonnietaylor, via / under Creative Commons]


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