Where is my niche ?

Where is my niche SamsTown

Blogging advice : blog often, provide quality content, push it on social networks and … find your niche.

But where is your niche ? 

Just a few condensed bits of what is being advised on the Web almost every second. By social media experts, by social marketing experts, by whoever has an opinion to voice (or re-voice, through Twitter, curation, etc …).

I am one of them. I do re-tweet some tweets and I give these kinds of advice.

But, now, why is everybody not a (niche) blogging guru then ?

Blogging takes time. I mean serious, proper, blogging takes some time. Be it only to write down a piece, proofread it and publish it.

Not to mention discarding it, crying over it (“my content is so poor I should die”) or just basically not finding the way to put it together.

Then, blogging, as I am lightly mentioning it above, requires content. Proper quality content.

Anyone can blog about their daily routine or clothing of choice or whatever topic feeding itself of its own self. But writing about business, about processes, about rules, etc … calls for serious knowledge, analysis and, overall, work to be done prior, during and after delivering a piece.

I make it sound awkward because otherwise this actual piece would sound like an easy one to write. Bear with me.

On to the niche point.

I spoke about niche as this is a point often showing in the five, six or ten advice for bloggers-to-be or the “How a business should get their blogging right” articles.

The point is, for a business, the “niche” is supposed to be their business field. And if they are quite mainstream, they either sell a product or a service which may serve as foundations for finding their “niche”. Say, their preferred topic and the set of keywords to pair with it.

Now, on to tech blogs (the likes of TechCrunch, The Next Web, etc …) their niche is tech, digital, World 2.0 should we say but the boundaries have expanded a lot here. Especially with the content of posts ranging from tech reviews to digital news while defending writers’ opinions.

Those look like standing in between the business and individual blog.

So, when it comes to my Sam’s Town part, where should my niche stand ? I speak startups and entrepreneurs of course but they go along with social media and marketing. A startup is an actual business which implies company management, customer experience and many other corporate disciplines.

On top of that, I am the one voicing my opinion here, even if reviewed and restrained, this is an individual blog speaking about business.

How niche is that ?

Well then, let us shorten this advice list and focus on understanding business, analysing and sorting the content available (on the Web and in your brain) and providing a well-written, quality piece. Make it worthy, engaging and push it to the wide world.

And if your niche is not as niche as it should in the end, just make sure you are the top dog in these parts anyway. In it dawg ?


Please feel free to let me know what you think

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