Line is coming … and I am happy

Line Logo

Line is here …  .

Or at least on the way as I read in a piece stating that Line is coming to Europe … and France.

I have actually been having it on my phone for a few months already but I must admit I am still facing one of its major issues : users.

I currently have less than ten identified friends/contacts on Line.

On the bright side that feels like a nice private circle.

On the darkest side, it still feels quite lonely.

Outside the 230 millions users Line boast, they still have to conquer the hearts – say the habits – of French (speaking of my direct surroundings) and European populations.
That is apart from Spain where they do already have quite a huge presence (40% of smartphone users having downloaded Line).


The main hurdle to face for Line : getting rid of Whatsapp and being acknowledged as a messaging/social platform rather than just yet another web messaging app.

This is where the true value of Line does lie. Not only in the free calls but in the integration of social and, hence, appearing as a shaken mix of Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, … .

With videos on top and additional options to come (video calls, music, …) the target of 300 millions users by the end of the year seems to be a reasonable one.

I will keep pushing. Will you ? Let me know with the short poll below.

Images : Line’s website


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