Me, Myself And I : The Many Us On Social Networks

Rubiks cube

Social networks and social media accounts. Not only for individuals but also businesses, leisure, sports, etc.

Quite the basic standard nowadays. But what about multi-tasking individuals.

The many faces of me

Even if not being tech-savvy, most people tend to “exist” on various social networks. A single person may easily be found on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Snapchats and co.

However, pepper that with a mix of dedicated personal and professional accounts and that may add another bunch of accounts.

Volunteer for your local sports club and you may end up with the community management of the Facebook page and Twitter account.

Want more fun ? Launch a business and have the corresponding social media accounts created.

Bottom line : a single individual juggling with about two dozens of accounts.

Social media schizophrenia

A thing of our times ?

One can gather information of any kind through multiple sources. On the web only there are tens, hundreds, even more, websites pushing information everyday.

Though the reliable sources may be counted on a few fingers.

In this era of information and content, these findings then need sharing … for existing on networks.

Tools do exist to manage a variety of accounts and of networks.

Mistakes too. Happening even more often.

How easy does it get for any random Community Manager with half a dozen Twitter accounts on a smartphone to pick the wrong one and send some seriously bad drunken tweet out in the open ?

Therapy ?

Is there even any cure for that ?

Just certainly a few means in order to put social media back to where they belong when it comes to corporate accounts. Back in the hands of people with a real job title. Companies are moving very slowly towards understanding social media but far too few of them do really have dedicated community managers (hint, interns are not there to handle the public voice of the company. At least not on their own and without skills and training).

As for individuals, well, cut the useless networks, assess where you stand and what you want to make of these. Keep only the useful tools and accounts.

In the end, for all, it comes down to a matter of being smart enough.

Do not get fooled by the urgency created on social networks.

Do not enter the race for spotlights or ephemeral stardom of breaking news.

Be yourself !


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